For Realtors

Bay Street One’s unique location and amenities are a big draw for many prospective homeowners and tenants.  However, we ask that all Realtors, rental brokers, and real estate professionals follow established HOA policies in listing and showing properties for purchase and rent in our building.


Prior to listing any home in the MLS database, current homeowners are responsible for providing to management the following information:

  • Name of Owner
  • Unit Number for Sale
  • Contact info of Agent
  • Contact info of Broker
  • Term of the listing
  • Tentative Schedule of Open Houses
  • Register with NAM to sell their home
  • Confirmation that listing agent has received a copy of the Realtor policy, and that homeowner will be fined for any violations of the rules outlined in this policy


Open Houses

Open houses are only allowed during the following times:

  • Public Open Houses: Saturday & Sunday from 1pm – 5pm
  • Broker’s Tour: Tuesday & Thursday from 9am – 4pm
  • No evening open houses allowed

Agent will check out sandwich boards from the management company, and place them only in predefined locations to denote that one or more open houses area taking place.  Using non-management supplied boards, placing custom stickers or decals on the boards, or placing them in locations other than the pre-defined locations are not allowed.  Once the open house is complete, the boards must be returned to their original storage location.

Owner or listing agent will provide management with finalized Open House schedule.  Holding an open house at a time not on the schedule is not allowed.

Open house must be hosted by at least 2 agents that are present at all times during the open house hours.

Hosts must escort visitors into the building, no access codes or keys may be given out.  Hosts must also keep a log of all visitors.

At the end of the open house, hosts must check that the side entrance doors are closed.



Realtor Signs

Bay Street One HOA and the Bay Street Mall management do not allow the use of an agent’s own hanging signs, sidewalk A-frames, sandwich boards, straight arm or swing posts, nor other common ‘for sale/rent’ signs typically posted at an available property, per the sign and realtor policies.  Additionally, no signs are allowed on windows or on the balcony.

Any such signage installed on HOA property will be removed at the agent’s expense.  Any signage posted within the units will render the homeowner subject to an HOA violation letter and/or fine.



A secured lockbox may be placed on the railing outside the lobby door.  The lockbox must be labeled with the agent business card, NOT the unit number.  Any lockbox not in compliance will be removed at the agent’s expense.


General Notice

Management will issue violation notices to the unit owner for any infraction of these rules.  Those who received the violation notices will subject to fines per the Association’s enforcement fine schedule.