Living Here (FAQs)

Q: Moving in/out?
A: If you are planning on moving, you need to first contact the property manager to schedule the date and time.  You will be provided with the move in/move out policy, a form to fill out and sign, as well as a checklist.  There is a $250 fee for each move and a $500 refundable deposit that needs to be paid before the move.  On the day of the move, the managment company will send a staff on site to install protective covers in the elevators and to supervise the move.  For the security of the residents, doors are NOT to be propped open at any time during the move.  A $300 fine will be levied if you failed to schedule your move or to follow the above procedure.

Q: What is the PG&E rate plan that apply to our units?
A: All units at BayStreet One have permanently installed space heaters.  Therefore, the E1TH Residential service rate schedule applies.  See PG&E website for details.

Q: Where and when to mail your monthly association fees?
A: Monthly association fees should be mailed directly to Focus Bank (Bay Street One HOA, c/o Focus Business Bank, PO Box 1438, San Jose, CA  95109-1438).  The fees are due on the 1st of each month and is considered late after the 15th of the month if your payment is not received by First Bank.  A 10% late charge is assessed if payments are not received by the 15th of the month and a 12% APR finance charge is assessed on amounts over 30 days delinquent.

Q: What are the rules regarding pets?
A: All owners and residents are required to register all pets with management.  Each unit is allowed up to 2 pets.  Pets must be on leash when they are in the common areas and must not be allowed to soil any part of the common areas, including stairwells, elevator and garage.

Q: What are the rules regarding guest parking?
A: Guests may not park their vehicles in common area parking for more than 2 days in any 7 day period.  Guests visiting in excess of 2 days within a 7 day period must request a permit from the property manager at least 1 week ahead.  The permit is to be display in the window of their vehicle.  Unauthorized vehicles may be subjected to towing and the car owner is responsible for all towing charges.  See parking policy for details.

Q: What do owners need to do before listing their unit for sale?
A: Before you move out, you need to first contact the property manager to schedule a move.  Sellers and realtors need to follow the realtors policy regarding hosting open houses, lockboxes and signs.

Q: What do owners need to do when they rent out their unit?
A: It is the owners responsibility to provide a copy of all the policies and documents to their tenants to ensure compliance.  Owners also need to make sure that move ins and move outs are pre-scheduled with management.

Q: Can I store a barbeque on my balcony?
A: Per CC&R Article VII, Section 7.19 and 7.21, BBQ equipment or other flammable equipment cannot be stored on decks and/or balconies.  The HOA insurance will not cover any fire damage caused by a BBQ grill.

Q: Can I install speakers or TVs on the walls?
A: Per CC&R Article VII, Section 7.10 – Structural Integrity: “No Owner may pierce, remove or otherwise modify any wall, ceiling or floor separating the Unit from another Unit or from Common Area (except as approved by the Committee), nor install any wall or ceiling-mounted loudspeakers or other noise-generating devices.”

Q: Can I install electric vehicle charging station?
A: Per Civil Code Section 1353.9, owners can, at their own expense, install an electrical outlet in their parking stall.  The owner must pay for the electricity usage associated with the charging station by tying into the PG&E meter for the unit.  Redline Electric (925-676-1060) is the approved HOA vendor for electrical work in the common area.  If you wish to use a vendor of your choice, you must submit your request to the Board for approval prior to initiating the work.

Q: How do I dispose of electronic waste?
A: has links to days and locations for free e-recycling in the area and information on how to dispose of other items such as hazardous waste.  Green Citizen offer 7 days a week drop off and will recycle most electronic items.

Q: Where can I find more info on water conservation?
A: The Alameda County Water District has a list of useful tips on how to conserve water in your home.

Q: How do I find out about my property tax?
A: Property tax information is available online at the Alameda County’s website.

Q: What if I have a home warranty issue?
A: Contact Alan Craft (650-377-5722650-377-5722) at Regis Homes.